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An egg´s tale

“We found an egg!” my son told me and was holding this little thing carefully in his hands. A song thrush egg. Such a bright beautiful blue color. It was the first time for me to see a real one.

Song thrush (Turdus philomelos) egg – 3 cm high x 2 cm wide

Now was the big question: any birdy inside? Is it still alive?

From the first sight the egg looked ok, no damage and it felt very heavy too.
We checked the internet and consult with some friends, who gave good tips to find out if there is life in the egg.

Actually the egg was found on the forest ground and was still very cold. But according to some wild bird internet pages a cold egg doesn´t mean any trouble, if the egg was incubated well before.

We try to listen and watch for noise or movings. According to the wild bird website the song thrush birdies are hatching end of April, beginning of May. So perfect timing.

The day before it was stormy. So we guessed, that it was possible that the egg fall out from the nest accidentially.

Unluckily we didn´t got any life sign from the egg. I don´t want to give it up and put it under a warming lamp and on the next day this happens:

First my heart made a jump – we were so exhited. Is a birdy coming or not?

But nothing was moving or giving a noise. It seems, that the egg got a big damage from the fall of the tree and the eggshell had already very fine cracks, you can´t see by eye. The temperature change under the warming lamp was doing it´s own thing and so it started to crack.

Life is hard and nature have it´s own rules.
Of course, we were sad for the tiny guy in the egg, but what would happen, when it hatched? The change to keep such a tiny wild birdy alive is very low and needs a lot of experience. We were not sure, if this would be successful.

Painting is keeping memory

So I painted this beautiful bright blue egg to keep a memory of it in my nature journal. I really enjoyed it to keep it as a natural history illustration in my booklet.

Actually I made a small color pencil drawing from 3 different positions of the egg. In my observation I checked the dark brown stains, which are very close togehter on the underside of the egg.

I am still facinating about this tiny wonder of beauty of the blue color.

After finishing the painting we buried the tiny egg with positive thoughts that next year the song thrush will have on egg more with a healthy and living birdy.

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