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Artist Talk: on four paws

I hope you had a good start to the new year 2020. There is a lot to do … so let’s do it.

But before we start here, I would like to introduce you to someone very important. Lucy, my painting companion.

Do you also have a four-legged friend who accompanies you everywhere or likes to watch you paint?

Lucy is a Shar Pei Labrador mix (yes, there is something like that) and we adopted her from the shelter. When she came to us she was 2 years old and had already gone through countless private places because no one had time for the little one.

Nature was only known to Lucy from short walks, so far she only knew asphalt. With trees, grass and forest she was not familiar. Rain was too wet for her, too cold weather too cold and really fiddling around in dog manner, was not her thing at all.

“Can we go out now? Did you pack all your stuff?”

She had to get used to it for a long time, especially it was initially not so easy for us to make it clear to her that she was allowed to stay with us. At first she was very afraid of losing and didn’t want to get into a car at all. Every time she thought she had to go again.

But after a year she fitted in well and became a real country dog. She is kind to people she knows. She gets along really well with children.

She is suspicious of strangers because her protective instinct is very pronounced. In addition, there is the typical Labrador peculiarity of eating everything. What can I say…

” Finished now? Time to give me a goodie?”

When I paint in the studio, she warms my feet or lays her head in my lap and looks at me intensely from below with a sigh.

” Is a goodie in this box? “

Outside she is doing a very good job as she goes into check mode. Everything is monitored. This has proven itself a few times when I was out sketching.

Unfortunately, there are always people who cannot maintain a respectful distance from other people, who do not communicate with language, but would prefer to make physical contact, just to see what the woman with the pen and the book in her hand is doing in the forest.

If Lucy is with me, I don’t have this problem. A very deep rumble from her is enough for these curious people to remember their good manners.

Typcial Lucy photo bomb … I only wanted to take a pic of the lichen

She likes my camera very much. Somehow, she found out that when you sit down in front of it, something great happens. She has no idea what exactly, but it seems to fascinate her.

That’s why I always have to be fast when taking pictures and bring her with a very strict “sit!” to stay so that I can do my job. Doesn’t always work … as you can see above.

work sharing: Lucy is taking care of the best wooden sticks, my son of the best stones

In addition to Lucy, my son is a great help when we go out into the wild. While Lucy gets the best from the forest, like sticks of all sizes, my son is the best stone finder.

Together they literally turn every stone. Sometimes you don’t get that far, but we find great things … which have to be painted of course.

Who is your painting companion?

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