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Bird rescue – a challenge

The last 2 weeks kept me quite busy. We did a lot of decluttering and construction in and around our house. And additionally we got a new family member accidentally.

First minutes after I found Norbert. No injuries, luckily.

Falling from the sky

When I was doing training with my horse in the riding hall, suddenly I mentioned a small “something” paddeling in the sand. After a closer look it turned out, that this was a little baby sparrow, who falled out from the nest. Its fall must be 5-6 Meters minimum, cause I found it in the middle of the hall. Unbelievable that it survived.

Naked and with closed eyes he/she was very helpless. I thought, maybe the parent could feed him, when I put him on a safe part of the hall. But it doesn´t look like this at all.

I found in my horse equipment a needleless syringe and filled it up with water and start to give the little guy some water drop by drop. He/she was very thirsty and I decided to take this little guy with me home, with no idea if he/she can survive or not.

My warm pad under the nest and a cosy towel was working very well for Norbert. He/She prefers to sleep long in the morning.

What kind of food?

At home I checked the birdy and it looked very well. No injuries and after taking the water it opens the big mouth and started to beg for food.

What to feed? It was a bank holiday and shops were closed. First we called the wildlife center. They were so busy and overfilled that they were not able to take the birdy over. But they gave us very good tips for feeding and care.

So we catched flies and cut the head (parent birds are doing this also) – bargh. Not a good job. Some cream cheese with water was also very good. So we were able to satisfied this hungry fellow in the first hours.

I took my electrical warming pad and made a nest for the small one. The birdy was very active and hungry. Also “the important business” was working well. A good sign that there are no hidded inner injuries.

Baby birds are normally sleeping during the night. They don´t to be feeded around the clock. They sleep when the sun goes down and awake with the sunrise.

So on the first day we feeded every 30 – 45 Minutes till 11 PM. Then the little guy fall into sleep. During the night I waked up and checked his/her condition. But everything was going well.

The birdy was a long sleeper and slept till 7:30 AM on the next day. We started to feed continously. But on this day the shops were open and we bought special nestling food.

Nap after good lunch. The birdy is saving food in the goiter on the neck. It looks like a white bubble.

Bye, bye, Norbert

But it was also clear that the birdy is so small, that it needs to stay in an incubator to stay alive. My warming pad will be not enough.

But then we got a tip over the wildlife care network, that there is a nice lady, who is taking care of young wild birdies. We called her and she was very happy to take care our “Norbert” (my son was so sad to give him away and remembered Hagrit in the Harry Potter books, who wanted to have a dragon, but he need to pass it to a dragon care center – the name of the dragon was “Norbert”. The little naked birdy looked like a baby dragon too).

Arrived at the birdy rescue station so many little sparrows were there and the lady took care them all. She also take care eggs, which were found. “Norbert” got a nice place in an incubator for his/her own. It was amazing how this lady and her husband taking so much loving care for the babies. We were so happy with the knowledge that “Norbert” can get a strong and naughty sparrow.

The wildlife center always recommends not to take care of baby birds in case the partens will continue with the feeding.

But sometimes it is really clear that no help is coming. Taking a birdy home is always a high risk that it will die. But sometimes there is hope and a lot of luck and it worked in our case.

Found a baby bird?

This is what you should check:

  • Is it a nestling (naked, closed eyes) or already older with feathers ? Older birdies normaly get care by the parents.
  • Do you have a possibilty to keep the baby warm? 32° – 38°C is needed. Most nestlings are dying cause it is too cold for them.
  • Do you know what do feed? Not all birdies get the same food. The wildlife care center cand give you informations. Some animal food shops are offering nestling food

Wildlife care centers are the best caretaker for wild birds. They have experience and know well about food and growing process. They have much better experience to bring the birds back in nature.

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