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The Kingfisher (alcedo atthis)

This picture was done during my first course at Newcastle University. It was the final assignment of a graphite drawing with focus on the representation of an animal with a detailed texture of fur and / or feathers. I was able to choose the animal freely.

I chose the kingfisher because I always liked its wonderful feathers.

  1. Observation

I looked for images that I would like to use for the correct rendering of the feathers. Typical pose and physical structure also played an important role. I researched in my books or looked for pictures from the Internet. I made sure that I have pictures of the bird in different positions.

I chose the position of the bird for my drawing. I made several sketches, which gave me an idea of my result of the original drawing. Here I payed attention to abnormalities, typical characteristics and condition of feathers and positions.

My first sketches are always rough and not pretty.

2. Transfer

I transferred my final sketch to the original drawing paper. At this moment I was only transferring the outlines of my subject.

A detailed picture of the head is giving me a nice image of the beautiful head feathers.

3. Details

Step by step I worked forward on the small details and checked my reference pictures to catch up everything of the bird.

Patience is needed, step by step the Kingfisher is becoming alive

I always take small breaks to check my work from the distance and start to rework over again in the details.

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