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Panther Chameleon (Furcifer pardalis)

Habitat: Madagascar

In the course of my final assignment on the Newcastle course in Natural History Illustration, I chose the panther chameleon. What fascinated me about this reptile was the incredibly complex structure of the skin.

The difficulty here was that only graphite drawings were allowed. The panther chameleon is incredibly colorful and has fantastic stripes on the skin, where you can really let off steam with color.

But that would have been too easy. So, the focus was on skin complexity and streaking.

Let´s start with the head

This type of chameleon wears a comb, like a kind of “shield” on the front of the head. They belong to the large chameleons with a length of 44-55 cm.

The rough work on the body is the next step

Of interest is the lateral stripe in the middle of the body, which is extremely different in color from the overall color of the chameleon.

scale by scale, everything must be correct

This project took a lot of patience. As happy as I was when I finished my work, I am now more excited to paint the chameleon in color.

The first sketch is always a “Thinking-Sketch” for me, to get an idea about position and focus of the subject

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