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Plein air equipment: let´s go outside

What a wonderful April we have – the beautiful weather is giving me motivation to sit in my garden or go to the forest. Unluckily the COVID19 regulation in Germany is still keeping us at home, but it´s a good possiblitly to set up our plein air set.

Here is my sample packing list for painting on the go, whether you are on the train or in the forest.

  •     Pencils in different degrees of hardness
  •     Eraser
  •     Sharpener
  •     Your travel palette of selected watercolor paints
  •     Short-handled brush (much better for packing)
  •     a good sketchbook
  •     a fountain pen with fine nib + converter for ink
  •     Your digital camera / cell phone with camera function
  •     Water container (foldable) + water bottle refilled

For botanical painting – a small add-on

  •     a good identification book
  •     pocket knife
  •     a folding magnifying glass
  •     a plastic bag or small container for nature treasures such as stones, snail shells or similar
  •     possibly a magnifying glass for beetles

The Dot Card, an alternative to the watercolor paint box

Dot Cards are also famous gifts for your painting friends

If you don’t want to carry an complete watercolor paint box with you, but don’t want to go out with your favorite colors, you can create a dot card with your favorites.

Simply press a few color dots on a thick watercolor cardboard, let it dry thoroughly – viola! Here is your dot card.

The dot card is also a nice souvenir for your painting friends.

Products on the cover picture: (mention of the brand as unpaid promotion)
Moleskine Travelers pencils, travel brush set by Sennelier Raphael, sketchbook by Hahnemühle diary flex, mechanical pencil by Faber Castell, fountain pen by Lamy, watercolor paints are a mixed palette of my various colors, but the case is by Lukas, pencil case by Leabags

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