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Spring is here

This Easter weekend I spend a lot of time into planning. Actually I was very busy to clean up my studio and sort out many things. After I was confident about it I started to set up my planning for painting this year.

My focus is now to continue my exercises for the 3rd assignment of my Botanical Painting course at the London Art College. Still I am struggling with my watercolor skills. So I am making exercises from books, which keep my joy and motivation to learn more. Sometimes doing fun-paintings, which are not pretty or perfect is very relaxing for me. It keeps my perfectionist in a cage. It seems the right process for me, because I start to enjoy it so much and I am looking differently to my botanical artwork. I start to take it easier, than before.

But I am not only planning for painting – also for my garden. My outdoor studio need a lot of care this year. There are many things to do in the next weeks.

My Forsythia is shining so bright today

The Herb Garden needs a completely make-over. For this I am now planning which kind of new herbs I will bring into it. My plan is to continue the medical and kitchen herb collection more and expand the garden with a mixture of beautiful flowers. Till now I am still thinking and brain storming.

The Thymus is my oldest plant in the Herb Garden. Like a carpet it´s growing every year and the smell is enchanting.

Now the days became warmer and the sun is shining very warm some days. Then we still have this frosty nights and cold days in a completely opposite of the day before. Already bees are flying and I was curious about our insect hotel, how many “guests” are still in?

The insect hotel kept a lot of guests during the winter
You can see, that many “rooms” are still occupied – but some guests moved already out.

My biggest joy are this year my tulips. Last year I already planted them in one of my plant beds. And now they started to come out and the first blossom is already on the way to open.

Someone want to say “Hello!”

I am very curious about their colors. Of course I let you know more about the tulips and their beautiful flower heads. So far as I can tell you: the tulip will be also a topic of my assignment this time.

I am looking forward to write you next time an update and show you new pictures of my outdoor studio.

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