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Start easy: the 1st page in your Nature Journal

Many people fear the start of a new journal or sketchbook, because they want to have a very good and perfect 1st page as a entry.

The first blank page… always a challenge

Doing something wrong on the first page is a big fear of many people. This was the same for me. I wanted to create a perfect, fancy and beautiful 1st page as a welcome to myself and the people who will flip through my Nature Journal in future.

And very often I felt frustrated, cause I made a lot of mistakes in the beginning. I was not sure if this was nice and beautiful enough.

The easy solution: make it simple

Instead of an artistic, perfect cover page, I focused on the functionality of my Nature Journal. What kind of things I want to add to my journal? What is important, to get good documentation?

A simple guide

My documentation should be done always in the same style. I want to keep a red line in my Nature Journal, that all notes will start in the same way.
This is important to keep an overview when you will sort out the pages into the archive binder.

A observation guide

Another possibility is to make a list with the important observation tasks. It is a reminder, that you don’t miss any important details of your observed subject.

With this little observation helper you have always a focus of the things you want to document and paint.

Using nice stamps is also an opportunity to give your Journal a nice touch.

A quote

Why not start with a quote, that you like. On the first page of your Nature Journal, it can give you very nice motivation. In this case, you can be artistic as much as you want.

As you see, you don’t need to do a big effort to make a very nice and informative first page in your Nature Journal. Give it a try!

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