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The perfect Nature Journal

If you are planning to start your own Nature Journal, let me give you some recommendations. Since I started with Nature Journaling, I tried to figure out many ways to have the perfect Nature Journal.
Very often I struggled with the material and equipment. I never was confident with my settings. So I was thinking a lot how to get my perfect Nature Journal, that I can use every day and every time.
Here is my result:

My thoughts in the beginning:

The basics of a perfect Nature Journal:
  • Low weight: for transportation the weight is essential. Beside other equipment, it should be as light as possible
  • Comfortable size: for drawing and writing a good and handy size is needed.
  • Paper flexibility: I don´t want to waste good watercolor paper for my writing documentation. At the same time, I don´t need watercolor paper, when I draw with a pencil. Result: I need a mix of different papers inside the Nature Journal
  • Basic condition: the case should be stable to do clean writing and drawing. It should be outside waterproof, to protect the inside pages.

My documentation style:

The following things I want to add into my Nature Journal:

Written documentation
(subject description)
Statistical documention
(tables, diagrams, measurements)
Visual documentation
(paintings, drawings)
Collection filer
for flat objects (f.ex. leaves)

Wanna learn more about Nature Journaling?

My result: a binder as Nature Journal

Fulfilling my needs of weight, size, basic condition and flexibility I got a clear picture of the perfect Nature Journal: it must be a binder.

Material: Binder, ruler and plastic folder from Filofax clipbook personal size, Mixed Media paper from Canson, mechanical pencil Faber Castell, eraser pen & pigment liner from Staedler, ruled & blank paper unknown (mention of the brand as unpaid promotion)

Especially the paper flexiblity was a clear decision maker for choosing a binder system. Exchanging and adding different papers as much as I want.
I don´t need to waste expensive watercolor paper for writing documentations and statistics.

I can control the weight as well. If there is too much paper in the binder, I just take finished pages out into a archive binder.

Step by step I can expant my Nature Journal and keep everything well organized.

Size question – easy answer

The biggest question is the size of the Nature Journal. Actually my new one is now A6+ size. This is a small size and very useful to put it in a small bag. I

If you prefer to work with a bigger size, than you can just switch to A5 size. It´s also very handy and you can you the same insert setting.

Successful Field Test of my new perfect Nature Journal.
A map of the flight routes of different birds, who are visiting our bird houses in the garden.

Last thoughts:

With this binder methods you are able to use your paper resources wisely. You have a flexible system, which is forgiving mistakes easily. Just take a new page and start again, if needed.

The A6+ size is comfortable and clever. You can take it everywhere, also to a business trip. It doesn’t´t need a lot of space.

The mixture between written documentation and drawings is a real joy. You can sort all pages like you want. If you are not confident and you want to change your setting – just do it. You have unlimited possibilities.

Try it out and enjoy!

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