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Me at the Ginkaku-ji Temple, the Silver Pavillion, in Kyoto, Japan.
A beautiful temple area are with a lot of botanical treasures.


Isabella Burk


Swabian Alb, Germany


Painted documentation of flora and fauna in watercolor, ink, colored pencils and graphit.


2019/ 11 Start Study for the Diploma in Botanical Painting, London Art College, UK
(Tutor: Polly O´Leary)

2019/ 10 Certificated 2nd pre-study course in Natural History Illustration, Newcastle University, Australia

2019/ 04 Start of the 1st pre-study course in Natural History Illustration, Newcastle University, Australia

2018/ 08 start with the botanical watercolor painting course “the painted herbarium”
(Mentor Gesche Santen)



2019/08 Interview with a peak into my botanical sketchbook: +click+


NABU (Naturschutzbund Deutschland e.V.) +click+

Since I was a child I always love to paint, draw and use colors. My grandfather taught me how to draw. He was a great self-taught and passed on me what he knew and motivated me train myself, be patient, to develop a lot of self-discipline and to grow in painting.

I have always been fascinated by nature in its colors, shapes and structures. The complexity and beauty of a plant, its impermanence and its blooming again, that magically attracted me. And when my grandfather’s old paint box fell back into my hands while cleaning up, everything was somehow easy. And after a long break from painting I started again.

My grandfather’s old Schmincke color box (right) & my new box (left).

In 2018 I started with botanical painting. It has its own fascination and is a completely different challenge.

At the beginning of 2019, I had the great privilege to take part in a free basic course in Natural History Illustration at Newcastle University in Australia. The university gave everyone, who was interested, the opportunity to register. Another world opened up for me because it combined my interest in history, natural science and art.

And that’s how I found my artistic path.

Explore nature with it´s all curiosity and beauty.

My favorite quote is from Kano Jigoro (1860-1938):
”It is not important to be better than someone else.
It is important to be better than the day before. ”

Especially in nature painting there are so many wonderful creative possibilities, whether abstract or realistic. My goal is to constantly develop myself, not only through hard work, but also with a lot of joy in what I do.

Great, that you found my blog. Enjoy the time here.

All the best,